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SmartVent System (Ventilation)

SmartVent System (Ventilation)

What Causes Condensation?

Things we do on a daily basis create moisture in the air. The biggest culprit is cooking where an average of 3 litres of steam is released per day. Moisture also comes from other activities including washing clothes, showers and doing the dishes.

But did you know moisture also comes just from living in a house? Breathing releases moisture into the air. Pot plants also let out moisture, depending on how much you feed them. In short, there’s no way to prevent moisture in the air. All you can do is ventilate it properly to keep your home healthy.

How a SmartVent system can help

We trust SmartVent’s systems because they use industry-leading technology. They also offer five-year warranties – that’s a system we can trust! The three home ventilation systems SmartVent offers include SmartVent Positive Pressure, SmartVent Evolve and SmartVent Balance.

Why Ventilate?

– 10 litres of harmful damp air a day
– Moisture in the air makes mould
– Damp air develops asthma
– Harmful Gases

It takes just one day to feel the fresh, dry, healthy air of SmartVent.


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