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For Landlords, whether you let out a single property or you have a large portfolio, you need to safeguard your investment. You need to be able to prove damages or breakages have occurred during a Tenancy. The most effective way to do this and to avoid a potential dispute is to have your Tenants agree on the specific condition of your property and its contents before they begin occupancy – but you as the landlord are also responsible for maintaining the property to ensure it is fit for purpose.

Whether you own one property, or multiple properties – maintaining, repairing or improving your property is always going to be an on-going tasks to ensure you’re maximising your return on investment. If you’ve manage a property for long enough, you understand the number of calls, emails and invoices needed to maintain a property if you’re needing to reach out to multiple companies and to get multiple quotes.

This is part of the reason why we’ve put together Superior Property Services as a subdivision of Superior Renovations to cater to this specific audience, and we understand are very different to the needs of an audience who are renovating their own home. When you consider the costs involved with both the purchase and maintenance of a property, plus the time and money spent on the presentation, most professional Landlords agree that it can be a very costly process that ultimately impacts your ROI.

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