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Property Managers

Property Managers

For Property Managers in Auckland, customer service and reputation is everything. There is a lot to sort out managing properties and dealing with Landlords and Tenants.

It’s also very time consuming dealing with all the different providers and trades you need to call on to ensure a property is ready for letting – or even making sure it’s well maintained. There’s the builder, handyman, the painter, the plumber, the electrician. All of this adds up to many phone calls, emails, quotes and invoices! Superior Property Services can manage all of this for you. One call, one email, one quote and one invoice. This will allow you to focus on finding tenants, building your lettings portfolio and managing relationships with your landlords.

The feedback we receive from new customers is that they have previously received a poor and unreliable service from their Inventory or Property Maintenance providers.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, then we believe you will find our uncompromising quality of service to be refreshingly different.

Give us a call on 0800 199 888 to give us a go – we would love to help you!

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