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Roof Painting

Roof Painting

Roof painting can make your home look stunning again

Provided it is done correctly and with high quality products, such as Dulux or Resene.  Every year thousands of Aucklanders love to maintain their homes and are proud to keep their roofs looking like new to improve exterior look of the home.  Roof painting can completely rejuvenate your roof and here are a few other benefits:

  • Extend roof life by up to 10 years after a simple paint application
  • Enjoy a cleaner roof with significantly less moss, mould and algae
  • Have a healthier drier roof that’s water resistant but still breathable
  • Choose from over hundreds of different colours to suit
  • Get a roof that’ll stay brighter for longer by inhibiting the build up of dirt and grime

Aside from the protection it gives to your roof, roof painting also gives great curb appeal to your home and improves the aesthetics of the house as a whole. Selecting the appropriate colour can even make the house look bigger or give visitors an indication of the personality of the home owner.

Whichever colour you choose, roof painting will have a considerable positive impact on the overall look of your house.

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