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Hot Water Cylinder Replacement

Hot Water Cylinder Replacement

Heating water is one of the biggest costs to a household. There are options as to how you heat your hot water and we can give you great advice on these based on your home’s requirements. We are experienced in fixing, securing, installing and testing electric and gas hot water cylinders as well and changing systems over to gas. Utilizing specialists from Superior Renovations (Main Division), you can be rest-assured that you’ll be using qualified and certified plumbers to carry out the work.

Here’s how we can help you:

  • All our work is guaranteed
  • Free Quotes available
  • Upon assessment, we advise you free of charge on the best way to complete your job
  • We have fully stocked vehicles to ensure we can deal with any plumbing task you require
  • We supply quality products and materials – if we wouldn’t use it in our homes, we certainly won’t put it in yours
  • Having renovated over hundreds of bathrooms, replacement of hot water cylinders are a common request
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