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Gas Continuous Flow Water Heaters

Gas Continuous Flow Water Heaters

Revolutionise – Go tankless with Rinnai Precision Engineering from the world’s biggest gas product manufacturer

Rinnai produces over 12 million gas appliances every year which are distributed to all parts of the world and are all ISO – 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Tankless water heater systems are far more energy efficient than storage systems and are the preferred method of heating water. Restuarants and domestic properties are a prime example of this as they require high volumes of water as intermittent times of day delivered at accurate temperatures to ensure user comfort and safety.

With the Rinnai continuous flow hot water system you will never run out of hot water.

Gas or LPG water heating includes hot water cylinders and instant gas hot water systems.

Gas hot water storage systems have a quicker heat recovery time than a comparable electric hot water cylinder.

Gas cylinders need to be located in a well ventilated area and flued to remove exhaust gases. This lead to long pipe runs. Heat losses from gas hot water cylinders are higher than electric cylinders. It’s not safe to put a hot water cylinder wrap on a gas cylinder.

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Instant gas hot water systems provide continuous hot water that never goes cold, as the water is heated as it passes through the heater. Gas is only used when a hot water tap is turned on.

There is no storage cylinder, which means there are no energy losses from keeping water in a tank hot. Systems can be up to 95 percent efficient. The water temperature is set at a control panel reducing the risk of scalding.

If you’re looking at an instant gas hot water system, look for one with automatic ignition not one with a pilot light. Pilot lights use gas even when the water is not being heated.

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