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Perfect Level Of Sheen For Your Living Room

Perfect Level Of Sheen For Your Living Room

Trying to figure out how to choose the right paint sheen for your living room? Or just need little pieces of advice that can increase your chances of adding the perfect finish to your space? Well, if yes is your answer to these questions, you’re definitely not alone.

Of course, the living room is basically the most important space in your Auckland home — it’s where you spend quality time with family and also happens to be the first room visitors see whenever they stop by.

So yes, you actually have to figure out how to make it stand out as you plan your next paint job. Moving forward, you should be aware that there’s a lot more to choosing an interior paint than picking an eye-catching color. In essence, it’s also crucial to consider other things like the hues of the room’s furniture and flooring as well as the amount of light the room gets — everything counts!

It is important to choose the perfect paint sheen. For those who might not be aware, the paint sheen is simply the level of gloss your preferred paint has. With this in mind, you can tell that the paint sheen can actually affect how the color appears. The general rule of thumb: the higher the sheen, the higher the shine. And the higher the shine, the higher the durability.

Sounds a bit confusing?

At this point, the very first thing you should know is that paint sheen typically ranges from flat to gloss. Just as the name suggests, flat implies that the paint will have little to no shine, and of course, gloss is all shine. It’s also noteworthy to mention that flat is the least durable of the sheen and gloss is the most durable of all finishes. So yes, once you contact professional interior painters, it’s in your best interest to take your time to discuss your sheens and always ensure to stick with the right one.

Types of Interior Paint Sheens

  1. Flat

Flat paint is great for walls with blemishes or better still, those that have one or more imperfections to hide. Essentially, flat usually has the most pigment and it is the best bet for perfect coverage. It’s also good to know that flat sheens are easy to work with and can be easily touched up if need be. It’s however important to note that this option is the least durable of all finishes and it barely stands up well to scrubbing. And perhaps the biggest downside is that flat finish soaks up light rather than reflect it.

  1. Satin

Next up is satin, a choice that comes with an incredible lustre and durability that’s sure to work great for high traffic rooms. It’s also good to point out that this option is exceptionally easy to clean; so yes, you can always scrub off dirt whenever you want to.

Any flaws? Well, you should be aware that the glossiness of satin sheen reveals wall blemishes and application flaws.

  1. Eggshell

Fancy a finish with a subtler shine? More like one that sits between satin and flat on the sheen (and durability) scale? For the most part, this sheen is glossier than flat (but not as shiny as satin) and also easier to clean than flat (but not as easy to clean as satin). You’ll also be happy to hear that eggshell finish is great for covering wall imperfections and the likes. Highly recommended for living rooms and bedrooms.

  1. Semi-Gloss

Semi-gloss sheen is an excellent choice for Aucklanders looking to enjoy the best of shine and durability. And as you probably expected, this finish is very easy to clean. But it’s however important to note that it’s pretty difficult to touch up in the long-run.

  1. High Gloss

Excellent for trim, doors, and cabinets, high gloss paints are just what you need for areas that are susceptible to sticky fingers. As professional interior painters, we’ll recommend you stick to this option if you’re looking to accentuate the looks of architectural elements in your Auckland home. As for the perks, you’ll be glad to know that high-gloss is tough and super shiny. It also happens to be the easiest to clean of all paint finishes! And as you probably guessed, the paint is exceptionally durable.

So Which Paint Sheen Works?

Well, as seasoned interior painters with years of experience, we’ll always recommend eggshell or satin — in fact, eggshell should be perfect! The balance it brings is exactly what you need to make your living room the center of attraction. Trust us, you’re sure to love the new look of your space!

Ready to kick-start your Auckland interior painting project? If yes, don’t waste a second get in touch! We’ll be thrilled to work with you towards transforming your living room into what you’ve always wanted it to be.


Disclaimer: This article is offered as a general guide only. The views and information expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any agency in New Zealand. Any person who relies upon any matter contained in this guide does so entirely at their own risk. 


Written by Superior Property Services 

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